31 May, 2013

"10th December 2011- 'Facebook is a waste of time'. Do you agree?"- 31st May 2013- My response.

Nearly a whole year ago, I deleted my two-year-old Facebook account. No fuss, no drama, no wildly exciting tipping point that spurred me on; just, weariness every time I logged on. Having something of your own volition, owning a Facebook account completely of my own free will should NOT have conjured that panic-churning feeling in my tummy-box, but it did.

Part of the reason was the fact that I had in excess of 500 friends on Facebook. Whilst I knew them all, I only liked about 10% of them, disliked passionately about 35% of them, and the remaining 55% I had no strong feelings towards, in that if THEY deleted their account, I probably wouldn't even notice. The thing is, to delete all of these people is both time-consuming, and very obvious; the predicted backlash following the absence of my profile on their timelines is ALSO time-consuming, and tedious.

Another factor following this was the cropping up of pictures and messages, posted by other people, that I didn't care enough about to see everyday. I hated, actually, being forced to confront people and things that I'd much rather ignore, things that I could get over in my own time, privately, without being forced to look at it every time I went online to check my notifications.

But the main reason I deleted Facebook was because I was spending tooooo much time on it, and I don't think I, or anyone else I told, realised just how much time was spent until I deleted it. The lure of logging in to have my account reinstated so simply doesn't lure like it used to...lure.
*shrug* I just don't care anymore.
I still have Twitter, but I think that's partly because I can't delete it (problems with account, old email account etc. etc.), and I don't actually spend as much time on it as I did Facebook; probably because the interaction between users is limited to 140 characters, even in the Private Messaging bit. I like that idea.

My blog doesn't count as a distraction, because most of my time spent on here is active, I'm writing and checking stats and comments; when that's done, I will walk away from my site until the next time. Not to say that I care about this site any LESS than I cared about Facebook, but beyond writing and looking at my audience figures over the past month, I can't really do much else on here, and any procrastination comes in the form of yet another blog post, which isn't as harmful as three hours spent glued to my phone, oogling two-year old profile pictures of a girl I don't even know...at least my procrastination HERE has some decent results.

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