30 May, 2013

Good ole' sass

I'm taking a break from super-exciting Graphics and Geography revision to have a bit of a groove on Spotify, order some American Apparel shorts (in the sale, duh, I'm not rich) and chat to you lovelies! It warms my heart-bits to see that my page views have shot up by nearly 100 in just two days. That's crazy, and it really cements the fact that I SHOULD be writing, and I SHOULD be doing it regularly.
Not that I think I'm any good...
For all I know, you all just feel sorry for me; or, you come on here and 'ave a read when you need a laugh. If so, that's fine. But, go away now.

When I'm a famous writer...**sigh**
No, that's not what I want to do any more. I want to be bossy and have a clipboard and work in Media.

I'm SOOOOO (etc.) excited for Sixth-Form, as I'm sure I've already mentioned about six billion times. Like, actually for the SUBJECTS, as well as all the other perks of being older. LEARNING EXCITES ME. I am doooooing:
English Language
English Literature
Philosophy & Ethics
and my 'core study',
Critical Thinking AS.
Eeeeeeeeeeeee. I'm so excited for them all. I'm going to have FOLDERS and NICE HAIR and COOL CLOTHES and ON TIME COURSEWORK and SASS.
Lots of that.

Beth is back.
And she's super-sassy.

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