16 June, 2013

Party mentality

I WENT TO A PARTY LAST NIGHT!!!!! That's right, Wisdomers, your queen is social! It was an end-of-exams party (which went really well, thanks so much for asking), and I had a surprising amount of fun, for a person thrown into a house full of strangers! Yes, my friend threw a party and I knew her, her boyfriend and mine. Scary, huh? Whhhooooo...
It was petrifying, actually. Stepping inside, not knowing what to do/say/act. But I did well!! My boyfriend looked after me and I didn't combust at the sight of strangers! Plus there was loud music, strawberries and cream and VANILLA CUPCAKES (definitely my type of party...). All in all, a good night; certainly made better by the fact that I actually made friends!!! As well as a little experiment some of us did halfway through the night. 

Essentially, there were a couple of really drunk people at this party (you know the sort; loud, purloining all the vodka etc.) and they were stumbling round ostentatiously, so we decided to try something, following a discussion we were having about psychosomatic behaviour (that was the overall subject, I don't stand around at parties discussing the psyche of teenagers). One of the empty vodka bottles was replaced with TAP WATER to about midway. The bottle was left there as we stayed in the kitchen chatting. Eventually, both 'drunkards' wandered in, VERY QUICKLY clocked the bottle, in their defence were very polite and asked if they could partake, and started pouring when we demurred. I like to think that they knew all along that they were being duped, and that in an elaborate, plot-twisting double-bluff, we, the tricksters, became the trickstees if you will. But no, I don't think that happened. After a fair measure in either cup, mixed with Fanta and Bucks Fizz, both took a swig...and grimaced. WE SAW THEM, WE SAW THEM WINCE AT WATERED-DOWN FIZZY ORANGE. It gets worse!! They didn't realise, of course, by the time they decided to do a shot, and I think this is probably the best thing I've seen since someone fell over in the canteen a few weeks ago (yes, I'm a cruel child!). Basically what happened was that when these shots were poured, one of the two decided to, very sensibly, mix it with Fanta in order not to get 'too drunk', whilst the other just went for it. Again, wincing all round; followed, BRILLIANTLY, by, 'Oh wow, it doesn't burn as much as usual!!'. 
F. A. N. T. A. S. T. I. C. 

It is interesting that such a basic experiment had such brilliant results I think, and maybe that says a lot about the subjects, maybe just about the amount they had drunk. BUT I'm willing to bet that it'll be the same at almost any future party (ooh, hark at my optimism), and I can't wait to find out. 

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