02 June, 2013

Simple pleasures

Currently, I'm sat in Costa Coffee, early on a Saturday morning with my family. We're about to have a 'breakfast meeting', and I'm really excited. I'm in my favourite city, Winchester, it's a sunny day and life is good. 
I think it's important to remember, in the midst of my repeated existential crises that I don't have to look far for something that makes me happy. For example, if one of my exams has gone less than well, I'll head to McDonald's before I get my bus, to get a Fruitizz to cheer myself up. If I've had an argument with someone, I'll wrap my canopy around my bed and sit in my den, reading a book. 
That's not to say I dislike expensive clothes or going to theme parks or whatever; but sometimes, the most basic, easiest-to-come-by things are the best, and the most appreciated. 

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