06 July, 2013

Social commentary

After horsing around and screaming at the tennis (typical Friday night chez Parker), my parents and I flipped over to a music channel, to find a new song done by a couple of artists. The song was quite good, catchy even; I was all set to like it until I realised that the video reflected what was being said, with images of over-consumption and consumerism being flaunted like a cheap whore across my telly-box. Brilliant, I thought, because what this country needs is DEFINITELY more class guilt, more socialism, what I like to call a 'Robin Hood attitude', whereby they think that sending out this 'inspired' (read: tired, done to death) message is somehow alleviating them of any of he guilt associated with their successful, lucrative careers. It's exactly the same with that song, 'Price Tag'; the overall message is just that the world is a power-hungry, greed-driven place and that we should all collectively stop placing so much importance on money...so, Jessie J, how much did you make from that venture? Or did you give it all to charity without even counting it? 

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