06 August, 2013

Abortion- some light evening reading

Hello! What better way to ease myself back into the creative flow than to talk about a huge, huge issue at the moment; not for any particular reason, other than having read Caitlin Moran's extremely provocative, yet endearingly funny book, How To Be a Woman. In it, she talks with honesty, surprisingly and yet not, in favour of aborting pregnancies. Surprising because she's a Guardian columnist; not, because she writes about her own, personal experiences. This lead me to ponder my own choice regarding the sitch; I've come to the infeasibly quick decision that I don't mind abortions. Really, I don't.
Now let's get down to WHY.

Obviously, I have never (thank almighty God) been in this position, and thus everything I'm about to say (as with everything ELSE I say on this blog) has to be taken with a pinch of salt the size of the horse on the White Horse Hill (which incidentally is NOT a horse, thanks; any of them, just a blur of abstract, dancing lines. But that's a different story).

Firstly, the whole argument that, like 'Good AIDS and Bad AIDS', there are also 'Good' and 'Bad' abortions. This, is nonsense. At the end of the day, you're either (depending on what you believe) killing an innocent, potentially lovely-smelling future leader of the world, OR you're righting a mistake that was made. Whether you are a stay-at-home, middle class, South Ken-dwelling Earth Mother, or a distraught, psychologically damaged rape victim, abortion is the same. This is like saying, incidentally, that rapists come in good and bad forms; a drunken stranger is a good, accidental rapist, whereas a completely sober, calculating and well-known abuser is a bad rapist. It's ALL THE SAME. Sorry, but it is.

Next, what kind of God would compel you to conceive, and ultimately share your life, love, body and spirit with an unwanted child. What kind of God would be happiest for you to see, every day, the child borne of a rape? If this innocent child came into the world, why punish it for absolutely no crime, by being unable to offer it even the bottom layer of the pyramid of human needs; food, shelter and water? That's not fair. I don't want to believe in a God who thinks that this should happen.

And finally, the big one: murder. You're killing a child. You are ending a human life. For one, that'd be illegal. Very illegal. So very illegal, in fact, that there would NOT be any facilities to accommodate such a wish in the UK. But we have these facilities, and just because an issue is skirted around awkwardly at a dinner party, does not make said issue illegal. Yes, of course I have my reservations about a termination carried out towards the very tale-end of the 24-week 'deadline', as this is testing Fate to the very best of its ability, which I do believe is morally wrong. However, if needed, if borne of necessity, then so be it.

What I suppose I'm trying to do is remove the stigma, clear away the terror associated with the word, in order to make everyone just feel that little bit calmer.

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